The best 2 strains combined together and brought to u by Cannabis seeds hunter




Shoreline X Kosher

The Beachfront strain is made from America’s finest Shoreline and Kosher kush
This was a idea we where working on for a year and finaly it`s here
This will be the smoke u where and will be looking for the rest of ur life


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Cannabis Seeds Hunter  is a leading figure in the coffeeshoptrade for many years.

Since 2011, the two brothers are also on the net.

We’ve been around the world and picked up strains from Hawaii to Thailand and from Holland to Colombia.

CSH has been around and preceved strains when visiting these countries.

Combine this with the strains we’ve locked away for 10 years and CSH knows they got some thing special.

CSH believes only in Feminised strains because these can be 100% controlled.

All strains are original strains and are very stable.

About Feminized Seeds

To create feminized seeds, a breeder takes a bunch of female plants and treats one with a special chemical called Silver Thiosulphate Solution. This treatment puts enough stress on the plant to make it look like it’s about to die, but it actually triggers some kind of survival instinct turning it into a male. This transgendered plant creates female pollen.

This female pollen is then used to pollinate the other females. At this point, every seed is considered feminized. Does this mean ever single one will be a female when it finally sprouts? Of course not – that would make life way too easy! It just means that the chances are better than average that it will.

Just about anyone can go through this process and legitimately say they have 100% feminized seeds. This is why it’s critically important to only buy feminized seeds from a reputable breeder who goes the extra mile to test both their process and each batch of new beans to make sure virtually all of them do, in fact, turn out to be females.


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